Walkie-Talkie Sodomy Case May Have New Witness


The case of Michael Mineo, who says five cops stuck the antenna of a police radio up his ass last week, has gone to a grand jury, and there are widespread reports that a transit cop witness — whose word, let’s face it, would probably carry more weight with a jury than a civilian’s — is telling a story that does not conform to that of the accused officers.

Mineo, a heavily tattooed guy who wept in his hospital bed over the attack, has drawn the ire of The Angry New Yorker (“tattooed attempted tough guys crying on tv?… We’ve gone from The Warriors to Glamour Girl”) and, of course, the cops and cop fans at Thee Rant, many of whom have devoutly wished for Mineo to be sodomized further, and are now annoyed that his story may be confirmed (“Once again, the press hates us!”).