Adventures in Taylor Swift Reviewing


File under the joy of new frontiers, a/k/a wild, improbable kickers to Taylor Swift reviews. From Tom Breihan’s L Magazine rave:

“Musicially, Fearless is basically country as teenpop as über-clean new-wave. The banjos are laser-precise like New Order synth-beeps, and the squelchy Southern-soul Hammond organ on ‘Hey Stephen’ is so buried in the mix that you barely even hear it; you just sort of sense that it’s there. The production is ridiculously crisp, the session-musicians know exactly what they’re doing, and every sound is exactly where it needs to be. There might be someone out there making better pop music right now, but I sure haven’t heard her. Respect motherfucking craft when you hear it.”

This record has officially joined the meta-sweepstakes for most interestingly written-about LP this year.