New York

Sodomy Cop to Be Indicted; Lawyer Says Baton, Not Radio, Used


The lawyer representing Michael Mineo, the Brooklyn man who said cops sodomized him with the antenna of a radio in October, tells Newsday that a grand jury has voted to indict Officer Richard Kern for aggravated assault in the case. The lawyer said Kern’s colleagues are expected to come up on lesser charges when the indictments are handed down Tuesday. Newsday reports that transit cop Kevin Maloney testified to the grand jury that Kern used a “police baton” on Mineo, not a radio.

The cops and cop fans at Thee Rant are mostly skeptical — “Are they indicting only on this dim-witted transit cop’s testimony after he read the paper?” “This sausage eater just hit lotto,” etc. — though some are more cautious, retaining memories of the Justin Volpe case.


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