New York Baseball Sex News


Ex-Met Roberto Alomar continues to deny charges alleged in an ex-girlfriend’s lawsuit that he is HIV-positive, and the Post finds him back in New York, “looking thin and accompanied by a beautiful woman,” to meet lawyers and discuss his defense. The Times says that while HIV testing is a requirement of MLB’s insured ballplayer contracts, “it is unclear whether Alomar’s contracts were insured.” His ex, a former massage therapist, has tested negative for HIV.

The Post also finds the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez, who lately admitted to steroid use, hugging and kissing ladies in a Bahamas nightclub. As A-Rod drank vodka, the girls “were dancing in front of him and even kissing each other to entertain him,” said a source. “He seemed to like the brunette more.” The day before, the Post revealed that in his upcoming book Straw: Finding My Way , former Met Darryl Strawberry tells many sexual anecdotes with punchlines like “[The equipment manager] just stood there shaking his head while I finished up” and ” I had to be quick and run back out on the field.”



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