NYU Activists Cut Deal, Suspensions Dropped


NY1 says that the Take Back NYU student protesters suspended for occupying the Kimmel Center last week were given “until the end of the day to accept” a deal that would allow them back to classes on Monday, with a time-served one week suspension. Washington Square News further explains that the tradeoff would include probation for the remainder of their days at NYU and disqualification from leadership and administrative positions, including Student Senate and RA posts.

Take Back NYU’s response: “WE DID IT!!!!… we called out for help and you answered our cry… The administrations has agreed to end our undue suspensions and reinstate us in good standing.” (We thought “good standing” meant no probation, but our Man on the Inside verifies that it means just what we described, including “much harsher response in the future should anyone be involved in a similar action,” but “won’t continue to impact students academically.” And this, apparently, is what the students accepted.) You can sign a petition of support at their website, which currently has about a thousand signatures, including those of “Annoying Asshole” and Ima Doofus. Photo by Robert Sietsema.


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