New York

MTA “Doomsday” Approaches, On or Near March 25


Here’s news to put you in a TGIF mood: March 25 is doomsday. MTA doomsday, that is. They say that if the state government can’t get it together to fill their enormous budget gap soon, the MTA’s own budget vote will certainly pass a “doomsday” plan including big fare hikes, layoffs, and even shittier service. They would start working on that two Wednesdays from now, but MTA Chairman Dale Hemmerdinger assures us that the effects of the poison will not be felt immediately: “At some point, it’s beyond our control and it will have to go into effect; what day that is, nobody knows.” He even sounds doomy. If it makes you feel any better, Matt Lauer is scaling back his travel plans, too. Photo (cc) Runs With Scissors.

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