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NY1: Albany Dems Dish Out Fat Raises to Aides


These days, when many people are seeing their salaries cut, it seems there are only two jobs in which you can reasonably expect to make more money in the New Depression: as failed executives of bailed-out corporations, and in politics.

We previously saw NY1 reveals that dozens of Democratic aides in Albany have received “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in raises since December: For example, the deputy chief of staff for Nassau state senator Craig Johnson, “whose salary climbed 63 percent, from $47,500 in 2008 to $77,500 this year.” Democrats explain that their aides work hard. “Their level of responsibility has only increased since January 7,” says Johnson’s spokesman. “Remember, staff don’t get paid for a Saturday and Sunday and overtime,” says majority leader Malcolm Smith (pictured).

Earlier we heard about the fat raises Governor Paterson’s been dishing out to his peeps. Meanwhile, New York state hospitals are cutting salaries because of budget cuts.



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