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Madenfreude: Madoff Bilks Some Amusing Customers


We have heard much over the past few month about the widows and charities made destitute by Bernie Madoff’s criminal enterprise. But it’s an ill wind that blows no one some good, and recently we heard of some Madoff marks to whose misfortunes we may be less sympathetic. For example, the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank which houses Scooter Libby, Doug Feith, and other at-large war criminals, appears to have been burned in the Madoff scheme. Tender-hearted as we are, we will not cry if Norman Podhoretz has to switch to a less exalted brand of bottled water.

And today the Wall Street Journal tells us that “Arakawa and Madeline Gins‘s quest to make human beings immortal is at risk of dying” because Madoff took their life savings, which were heretofore devoted to the pursuit of transhumanism, a search for eternal life via technology. Transhumanists tend to go for peculiar inventions, and the Ginses had developed “reversible destiny lofts” (demonstrated in this video) that create a “tentative relationship with your environment” by means of “uneven floors, oddly positioned power switches and outlets, walls and surfaces painted a dizzying array of colors,” etc, which they told customers would help reverse “the downhill course of human life.”

Now that they’ve been fleeced, the Ginses fear they may never get to build their planned “‘reversible destiny’ village” for forward-thinkers who want to live forever in Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. As our dear old mother used to say, one good burn deserves another.



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