Giuliani Calls Paterson’s Gay Marriage Stand Good — for the GOP


Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani sees daylight for the New York GOP in gay marriage. He tells the Post‘s Fred Dicker that “I think gay marriage will obviously be an issue for any Republican next year,” and that the marriage equality support of high-level Democrats like Governor Paterson and Kirsten Gillibrand “will create a grass-roots movement” that could sweep the Republicans back into power. Giuliani, who has been proposed by the Republican gubernatorial nomination by Newt Gingrich and others, reiterated his opposition to gay marriage, and Giuliani’s gay friends and former roommates Howard Koeppel and Mark Hsaio are cool with that; “Rudy doesn’t discriminate,” says Koeppel.

The former Mayor continues to advise other jurisdictions on quality-of-life issues — he instructed the Melbourne, Australia Herald Sun this weekend on using “broken windows” policing to reverse that city’s nightlife-related crime problems — but will have some new competition in security consultancy as former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff is setting up his own practice.


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