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Blond, All-American Craigslist Killer Suspect Justifies All Our Prejudices


Philip Markoff, a second-year man at Boston University, is accused of murdering masseuse Julissa Brisman of New York in a Boston hotel, and of robbing at least two other in-calls. There is something dramatically satisfying about the apprehension of a clean-cut Nordic pre-med student from Sherrill, New York as the Craigslist Killer — it echoes both the Law & Order franchises’ penchant for wholesome-seeming killers and Jack the Ripper. Aiding this impression are his also-blonde finace, named Megan (their wedding website is unfortunately and understandably down), and his all-American boyish good looks, recall the original idea of an American Psycho before Brett Ellis Easton modified it for the yuppie era. Think how disappointing it would be if he were just some crackhead or dork.

Boston Police authorities are less than circumspect in announcing his apprehension, calling him a “predator” rather than an “alleged predator.” They also say they got good tips on this case because the public was “fascinated” with it, which shows that there is an upside to lurid fascination after all, and we can indulge of morbid fantasies over tabloid crimes with a relatively clear conscience.

Update: The suspect’s wedding site does load after all, just very slowly, due no doubt to all the well-wishers. The internet is great: one used to need a car and directions to gawk.



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