Major Lazer Continue Delightful Descent Into Sound Effect Obsession


Since to date the thing we like best about Major Lazer, by far, are the sound effects–our love of “Hold the Line”‘s horse neigh is well known–news that Diplo and Mad Decent have designed an iPhone app is welcome indeed. (“Listen up Paul van Dyk,” Diplo says angrily, to the guy who beat him to the idea: “It’s time for us to have a DJ app,” too.) Available noises: air horn, laser, “elephant,” skateboard laser, whatever that is, air raid sirens (different from air horn?), water gun, dinosaur (“just goes whaar!”), and security horn, for when other people try to mess with your phone. No word yet on whether “Six Pack” or that shuffling-cards-made-of-metal sound from “Hold the Line” will be added at a later date, but it’s a satisfying start. Also, apparently (SPOILER ALERT) it’s useful for breaking up weed on.

[h/t The Fader, who have this Major Lazer beat on lock, not surprisingly…]