Asher Roth Adds His Name to the Long List of People Who Refuse to Work with Lindsay Lohan


So, yeah–according to the Daily News, this really happened and everything. Given that Asher Roth and his team are pretty much the most web savvy guys in rap right now, it wouldn’t be out of the question for the whole thing to be a set-up: after dragging the Roots down on Fallon, and selling a tiny percentage of what certain prominent internet pundits sagely predicted he would sell, Roth did need a lift. And Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter would be an obvious place like Roth to go looking. (Of all people, he’s definitely learned the hard way about the power of that particular medium.) But we’ll just go ahead and take the above sentiment and accompanying Gatecrasher piece (which claims Lohan drove a whole three hours out of her way to go see him perform) as genuine, since it’s much more amusing that way. You made it buddy! [h/t Rap Radar, who claim that this was a win for rap, although that may be stretching things…]