Rightbloggers on Abortion Doctor’s Murder: He Had It Coming


Dr. George Tiller, one of the few abortion providers in the state of Kansas and a practitioner of the controversial late-term abortion procedure, was shot and killed today as he served as an usher in a church service. Tiller had been targeted by anti-abortion activists before.

Mainstream conservatives, who generally consider abortion providers to be baby killers, nonetheless mostly show restraint when noting Tiller’s death, admitting at least the minimally sane perspective that servants of the Lord are not empowered to murder doctors in His name. Some Christian rightbloggers even say that they are “not going to judge the state of Dr. Tiller’s soul,” which is a refreshing change of pace. (Other followers of the Prince of Peace, alas, run truer to form. “We regret his death,” pietizes ProLifeBlogs, “because we seek the conversion of the soul, the restoration of the person… so that reconciliation can occur for that person.” You know, like in the Spanish Inquisition.)

But it was not the least bit hard to find rightbloggers who considered Dr. Tiller’s murder right and just.

Radio host Macsmind tells Tiller to “Rot in Hell,” adding, “The who live by the sword, die by the sword?” which we think is his attempt at a bible quote.

“When one participates in such a controversial and heinous act like late term abortions,” says Scared Monkeys, “one puts them self knowingly at risk.”

At least these authors add that they don’t “condone” Tiller’s murder — nonsense in context, but a tribute from vice to virtue nonetheless. Tiller gets no such slack from popular Christian blogger La Shawn Barber, who headlines her post “Child Killer George Tiller Killed,” calls Tiller a “cultivator of death,” and says of his murder, “Is ‘ironic’ the right word to describe it?” She affects astonishment that some readers find this offensive.

Don Surber says, “Rest in peace. The Lord forgives,” as if Tiller had been lawfully executed rather than assassinated, which perhaps from Surber’s point of view he was.

As followers of rightblogger behavior patterns will expect, some of them also attack liberals for taking offense, which is the real crime here. “There is no evidence yet that a Christian is responsible for this crime, but the fever swamp is not letting facts get in the way of opinions right now,” says Wizbang, as if there were some reasonable hope that the murderer would turn out to be an Islamic jihadist or Bill Ayers. (Here is some information on the suspect currently in custody.) “Lefists will use any and all of the most unhinged tactics to defend a political program of postmodern nihilism,” improvises American Power.

Protein Wisdom’s Dan Collins goes in for conundrums: “Let’s ask ourselves whether there’s been a hate crime committed here. Has there? If so, aren’t Islamists guilty of hate crimes?” The message seems to be that, since liberals are soft on terrorists, conservatives are owed a gimme on abortion doctor killers.

These postings have generated some fascinating comments, which are being noticed by non-believers: Many other sites are recording the rightbloggers’ fans’ yay-murder comments and tweets, and conspiracy theorizing. (Some of the brethren think this is a “Reichstag fire” scenario to frame patriots.) So there’s a chance that more people than usual will get an insight into the rightblogger brand of discourse on this subject.