Manhattan D.A. Endorsements: McCall for Vance, Koch for Snyder


In endorsements for the Manhattan D.A.’s race, as we noted before, it’s been all about Richard Aborn. But the other candidates are starting to grab some big names, too. Cyrus Vance Jr. has just added former state comptroller and gubernatorial candidate Carl McCall to his roster, which includes David Dinkins and Betsy Gotbaum. “The people of Manhattan expect and deserve a DA that will handle criminal justice issues with fairness and integrity,” says McCall, stressing Vance’s courtroom experience. And Leslie Crocker Snyder, the big star of whose previous endorsements was Judge Judy, finally got former mayor Ed Koch on board. Last month Koch said he liked all the candidates, but today he declared for his former criminal court appointee — though his remarks on the “laughing stock” the Espada insurgency would make of New York will perhaps be more noticed in the media.