LaGuardia Geese Will Be Gassed, Shot, and Falconed in New Safety Program


Congratulations to the New York Post, which has received action on one of its crusades, an early call to get the LaGuardia Canadian geese that brought down Flight 1549. The cause was taken up by state senators including Hiram Monserrate, and the Post kept up the pressure till it bore fruit: now the city will send avicide squads to 40 parks near the Queens airport to “to trap and gas as many as 2,000 Canada geese over the next few weeks.”

A thorough AP report tells us that even the Audubon Society is on board (“It’s clear that we can’t really rule out killing Canada geese”). Trapping and relocating the birds has merely spread the menace, says the USDA, so now they kill them with carbon dioxide and oil existing goose eggs.

Airport personnel will be trained to blast geese with shotguns, and even to set falcons on them.

Though the famous Hudson River landing forced by bird strikes was the catalyst, errant geese are blamed for 77 “incidents” in the past 10 years.

No statement has been issued by our other recalcitrant urban wildlife, but we suspect they are planning to retaliate, perhaps with more poisoned chickens. Photo (cc) HVargas.