New York Finally Named City with Worst Road Rage; Honking, “Obscene Gestures” Cited


For the past three years New York ceded first place to Miami, which shamed us all, but the fourth annual In the Driver’s Seat AutoVantage Road Rage Survey results are in it looks like we’re number one again — as America’s Road Rage Capital. Making victory sweeter, Miami slipped to seventh place, with Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Atlanta and Minneapolis/St. Paul rounding out the top five. Surprisingly, rageaholic Boston, which had been number two, fell off the chart entirely; maybe they’ve finally come to terms with the Big Dig.

Our victory is not complete: Washington, D.C. led among cities in which drivers “admitted to slamming into another driver,” at four percent.

Along with the expected offenses that sparked the rage of phone poll respondents — sudden braking, cutting off other drivers, excessive use of the horn — they also reported “multitasking” at the wheel — secondary driver activities included talking on cell phones, eating, drinking, texting, putting on makeup, shaving, and reading. A poll consultant says that, in response to the perceived bad driving of others, “New Yorkers were most likely to wave their fists or arms,” and also “most likely to lay on the horn” and “to make some sort of obscene gesture.” That’s the old pepper, citizens!

Portland, Oregon, Cleveland, Baltimore, Sacramento, and Pittsburgh were the five least road-rageful cities.


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