Meet Our New Hero, Jay Mundy: “Picture the Most Left-Wing, Lunatic, Liberal, Hippy, 1960s Nutcase…That Is What Williamsburg Is.”


This genius Jay Mundy needs no help from us in going completely and totally viral, but there is a disturbing if also exhilarating recognition in hearing the exact rant you’ve unleashed many a time come out of the mouth of a man who is reportedly a right wing psychopath. Slash genius! Above is the first half of a radio rant he went on excoriating the entire neighborhood of Williamsburg, which he defines as “a place that is now the official hipster neighborhood of the United States of America.” And what is it like there, Jay Mundy?! “Picture the most left-wing, lunatic, liberal, hippy, 1960s nutcase–get that image in your head. Keep that in your head a second. Now multiply that by hundreds, or thousands, and that is what Williamsburg is–it is extremely scary.” (To be fair, one half to two thirds of SOTC are agnostic to downright pro- Williamsburg, but this bitter remaining third is with Mundy to the max.) Anyway, he goes on!

    How do I describe weird on the radio? Like, tattoos all over them, and people who are high on drugs all day, and they got tattoos on their faces and they’re all wearing weird clothes, like something that you can’t even imagine that you’d see in a Hollywood picture and you’d say, ‘That’s not the real world.’

But what about their politics, Jay?!

    They hate power. They’re extreme leftists…Their looks are one thing: they look like aliens. I’ve never seen so many sick weirdos gathered in one place. But their ideology–they’re just such left-wing, carefree people. They’re all doing drugs all day, I said, ‘how would any of these people get a job? What do they do during the day?’ They have tattoos all over their face. They have their hair dyed pink and red and all these exotic colors–they can’t have a job! So they live on government assistance. That’s why they all support Obama!

Something about that “carefree.” Or perhaps it’s his unknowing equation of Williamsburg hipsters to ’60s hippies, which is sociologically brilliant–far from resembling your classic downtown, Manhattan derelict hipster, Williamsburg “hipsters” are in fact basically semi-evolved hippies, and should be treated as such. By brilliant right-wing talk show radio hosts! And, possibly, the rest of us–or one of us, anyway. The extremely gratifying remainder of Mundy’s rant is below.

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