“Bananas!” Blames Dole Food for Worker Sterility; Living Near Fast-food Chains Can Cause Obesity. Wait, No, It Can’t. Oh, Yes It Can.


In what is turning into a wine is good for you/wine is bad for you type of story, a new Canadian study says that living in an area with more fast food chains and convenience stores than supermarkets and grocers can lead to obesity. The study was released just days after another study from Purdue claimed the exact opposite.
[Science Daily]

The Daily News rounds up kid-friendly restaurants from around the city, including the Chip Shop locations in Brooklyn with their assorted online games, and surprisingly accessible and affordable Bukharan food from Uzbekistan at Cheburechnaya in Queens.
[NY Daily News]

Displaced New Yorkers Steve Lieberman and Keith O’Brien have opened a New York-themed bar in L.A. called West 4th/Jane. The place was named for the pair’s favorite New York joint, Corner Bistro, located at West 4th and Jane Streets.
[LA Times]

A new lifting-the-veil-type food documentary called “Bananas!” looks at pesticide use in banana farming and whether these chemicals caused sterility in Nicaraguan workers. Dole Food has challenged the film’s findings, and threatened to file defamation lawsuits against its producers.