Soulja Boy Ruins Innocent English Family’s Life


Rap’s most awesome teenage millionaire, Soulja Boy, included an actual phone number on his last single, “Kiss Me Thru the Phone,” which just came out last month in the UK, and now thousands of English people are calling it–to the hilarious dismay of a very kind seeming Oldham couple who own the number. Call the number in America, and you’ll get one of those prank phone messages where Soulja Boy pretends to anwer (“Hello? Hello?”) before allowing you to leave a message. Call it in the UK, and Gerry Matley and his wife Catriona Howard Smith will in fact pick up the phone, apparently upwards of sixty times a day. The couple seems incredibly good-natured about the whole thing: “I mean, with my looks and my accent, I fit the perfect profile for a rapper from Oldham,” Matley told the BBC, before adding: “What are the chances of our phone number appearing in a US rap song? Probably as likely as winning the lottery, but without the money.”

Rap fans bombard family’s phone