Darryl Littlejohn Gets Life Without Parole for Murder of Imette St. Guillen


That’s it for Darryl Littlejohn. The bouncer at The Falls, earlier found guilty of the gruesome murder of Imette St. Guillen,  has been sentenced to life without parole. As was his practice throughout his trial, Littlejohn said nothing at his sentencing. He had already been sentenced to 25 to life for a separate kidnapping charge, so this probably doesn’t mean very much to him.

The judge had harsh words for the rest of the staff at The Falls, a Soho club run by a member of the Dorrian family (which has had similar trouble with patrons before), for letting the apparently inebriated St. Guillen be taken from the premises by Littlejohn on the morning she was raped and killed.

You can see the soft-spoken Littlejohn defend himself to a WCBS reporter here.