Goat Spreads: Aamchi Pao’s Pulled-Goat Kati Roll


Our Man Sietsema is a well-known goat freak, and Fork in the Road has watched, drooling happily, as goat dishes spread into the mainstream. If a good goat gets you all excited too, head over to Aamchi Pao for the goat kati roll.

In Mumbai, they call them frankies, but Kolkata claims the kati roll. The story goes that a street cart vendor named Nizam-Uddin came up with the snack one day, when orders for parathas and spiced beef kabobs came in so fast that there was no time to wash the plates. So he tucked the kabobs into the parathas, and the kati roll–sometimes called a Nizami roll in his honor–was born. Now the roll-up’s popularity has spread, and you can get just about anything in your egg-washed paratha, from the traditional lamb, goat, or beef kabobs, to chicken, spiced potatoes, or paneer. But just because you can find kati rolls around the city now doesn’t mean it’s easy to find a good one.

You already know that Aamchi Pao’s vada pao is a wonderful thing, but it turns out that the restaurant also turns out a stellar kati roll. The pulled goat wrapped in a paratha is completely delicious, heavily spiced with cumin and whole peppercorns, and augmented with tomato, red onion, and piquant mint chutney.

For extra heat, try the Hot and Sweet Maggi sauce at the table.

194 Bleecker Street

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