Post Finds Seniors “Roasting” Weiner at Howard Beach Town Brawl


You gotta get up pretty early to put one past the New York Post. Last week Anthony Weiner, obviously hoping to avoid the rough treatment his fellow elective officials (the President excepted, of course) have been getting at Health Care Town Meetings, did a quickie with little advance notice at a senior center where participants were too busy with lunch to engage in the now-traditional fistfights and rioting — much to the Post’s obvious disappointment (“SNEAK & SPEAK ON HEALTH RX”); it was like they were caught off guard.

Yesterday Weiner tried it again at another old-age home, and this time Post made sure to accentuate the positive: “WEINER’S HEALTHY ROASTING: TOWN-HALL ‘BEATING.’

The story reveals that “some in the crowd were skeptical” and asked “policy-heavy questions.” One said, “You have a lot of loopholes that have to be straightened out.” You can really feel the electricity in the room. The Post also gets a picture of a woman pointing her finger at Weiner, in case you doubted the encounter’s confrontational nature.

Next time Weiner tries this, we hope the Post sets loose live cattle like that guy did in Chinatown.


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