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1 Train Screwed Through the Weekend


The 1 train is still screwed up by yesterday’s ceiling collapse at 181st Street. It’s out between 168th Street and Dyckman Street — MTA has put free shuttle buses on that route; between Dyckman and 242nd Street, only the 207th Street station is out. (The M3 bus is free between 168th and 191st Streets: Northbound from 168th Street, southbound at 191st Street, and in both directions at 181st Street.) This is expected to go on for the rest of the week. As flickr shooter emanningbx1 noticed, a lot of people are crowding the A line as a result.

amNY charges that water leaks and resulting flood damage were ignored by the MTA for years. They are told that all deep stations like 181st Street have the problem, and that “residents sometimes use umbrellas to keep dry.”

“People of The Bronx persevere,” Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz tells Fox News. He says that his district “all too often gets short-changed” by the MTA, but calls for better maintenance throughout the system, even though the agency is cutting back.

Who’s next? It may be a while before the new South Ferry station suffers the inevitable result of its already noted water leaks, but given the heavy rainfall this summer, expect one of the older 1 stops to have a similar incident before autumn.

Photo (cc) striatic.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 18, 2009

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