Source Says Plaxico Burress Will Plead Guilty; 2-Year Sentence Expected (Update: He Gets 2 Years)


The Times says someone “with knowledge of the case” says Plaxico Burress, the former Giants wide receiver who shot himself in the leg at the Latin Quarter last year, will plead guilty to the gun and reckless endangerment charges on which he has been indicted by the Manhattan D.A., and accept a two-year sentence. Considering that Burress faces a maximum of 15 years, he must have considered this the best among hard and dangerous choices, including skipping town and playing in some country holding no extradition treaty with the U.S. No word yet as to what Mayor Bloomberg, who is warm to see Burress jailed, thinks of this. Meanwhile Vito Fossella yet walks the streets!

Update: Burress pleads guilty, will get 20 months two years, says the Post.


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