Spitzer “Considering Run for Office,” Say Unnamed Sources on Slow News Day


We were at first delighted to hear from the New York Post that Eliot Spitzer “is considering a run for statewide office next year” — not because we particularly like him, but because that would be hilarious.

The Post story, which suggests his target is bulletproof Senator Kirsten Gillibrand rather than unpopular Governor David Paterson, is unsurprisingly long on innuendo and short on evidence. For instance: “‘He’s weighing it,’ said one source.” Print up the campaign posters! Also, next sentence: “But Spitzer hasn’t shown any interest in campaigning for the office he briefly held, sources said.” Spitzer has no comment, just like when we yelled at him that flyers saucers are real.

The former Governor last made the papers by having his fundraiser for Cy Vance cancelled at the last minute due to someone coming to their senses.

Several other outlets mention the alleged comeback, either recycling the Post story or just linking to it.

So we can officially say it’s bullshit. The question is whose. The tabs are not above floating a chimera like this, but neither is the former Client 9 who, whatever he does next, would suffer far more from quiet ignominy than from an occasionally public reminder that he can still make news without lifting a finger.