Outrage Du Jour! Obama Aide Called Republicans Assholes; Rightbloggers Rush to Prove Him Right


It has lately been revealed by Fox News that Obama environmental advisor Van Jones, who has been slammed as a Communist by conservatives and has of late been hounded by TV buffoon Glenn Beck, once told an audience in Berkeley that Republicans, or at least some of them, are assholes. “That’s a technical, political science term,” he added. His February accusation of assholishness was in response to a question about the trouble Democrats were having in getting legislation through Congress, where Republicans are but mildly represented.

“I can be an asshole,” Jones also said, “and some of us who are not Barack Hussein Obama are going to have to start getting a little bit uppity.”

Rightblogger responses are as expected. “well Obama is a socialist fascist and you are a dirty atheist commie,” retorts Conservative Scalawag, echoing a longstanding talking point.

“[Jones] is now at the highest levels of power,” claims Liberty’s Army, “and is targeting Glenn Beck for exposing his true agenda.” “At a question and answer session on why Barack Obama was not ramming through enough socialist bills fast enough, Barack Obama’s communist Green Czar Van Jones answers, Because Republicans ‘are a$$holes,'” reports Gateway Pundit. “The media should be all over the story of this radical sitting at one of the highest levels in government,” says Freedom’s Lighthouse. “There must be some accountability on the part of Obama,” says Freedom Eden. “How much of this happy horse poo does this nation have to put up with?” asks the Rumbler Report.

Etc. There are plenty more out there, but we’re having some trouble locating them owing to the difficulties Republicans have in spelling the word “assholes.”