“Fuck You!” Says Ed Koch at Crocker-Snyder Fundraiser


At an event at the Grand Hyatt for Leslie Crocker-Snyder, whom he has endorsed for Manhattan D.A., former Mayor Ed Koch recounted the heartwarming story of the day he greeted well-wishers at a supermarket just after he left office. One of those who approached Koch told him he had been a terrible mayor. “Fuck you!” quipped Koch. He did not expurgate the sentiment for his audience at the fundraiser, which seems a wise choice, as the “well-heeled crowd,” reports the New York Post, was left “howling in laughter.”

Koch is never above a well-timed Anglo-Saxonism; he called the film Outrage, which outed many allegedly gay officials (including himself) and suggested he hadn’t done much on LGBT issues, “a fucking outrage.” He has said more than once that when people ask him about his sexuality, “my answer to questions on this subject is simply, ‘Fuck off.'” It’s one of the few things we admire about Koch.