Bushwick’s Hibachi Tiki Hut Whines and Dines


For those of you with a hankering for a bit of JoeDoe-style bitching and moaning, head on over to BushwickBK. A few days ago, the blog ran a piece about the opening of the Hibachi Tiki Hut, a woodfire-barbecue joint on Broadway. A couple days later, a commentor wrote in to relay his or her dissatisfying experience at the restaurant, complaining of smokey air, cramped booths, a “dysfunctional bathroom door,” subpar food and high prices. One of the Hut’s owners, Lorien Flinn, responded, addressing the criticisms and then providing some of her own. If the booths were too small, “perhaps you don’t take very good care of yourself and overeat regularly.” And if the prices were too high, “there is always the Mexican place next door that doesn’t even have permits or a food handlers license, but you can get a taco there for $2. Knock yourself out.” While Flinn later apologized for “being snarky and defensive,” she may want to make another one to her neighbor, especially given the DOH’s love of unlicensed Mexican restaurants.

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