New Poll: Mayoral Election Out of Reach, Give Up


The election is a week from tomorrow, and the final vote-discouraging polls are rolling in. Today Quinnipiac shows Mike Bloomberg up 53 to 3r percent among likely voters — pretty much what the Marist Poll showed last week. The only question, says Quinnipiac’s polling director: “Will voters see those big Bloomberg numbers and decide they don’t need to vote, or will the Mayor’s well-oiled machine get them to the polls to run up the score?” We’re on the edge of our seats. Nate Silver, who called the 2008 Presidential results so well, puts Bill Thompson’s chances at 35 to 1, though he allows as how Thompson could take The Bronx.

Adding insult to injury, the Thompson campaign has been ticketed 1,677 times and fined about $126,000 for putting up posters on city property.