Faulty Buggy PANIC Goes Global; Park Slope Hardest Hit


Gawker, Monday.

New York Times, today.

Maybe Park Slope parents worrying about “their vulnerable young children, Daffodil and Ainsley” riding MacLaren’s death machines are funny if you’re a childless click-slave, but the Times finds Slope breeders taking it very seriously indeed. “This is an alarmist neighborhood,” proudly declares one, “so people are going to be anti-Maclaren until they fix the problem.” They’re not all so exercised, but there’s plenty of worldwide reaction, with a Japanese government warning, a denunciation by Irish watchdogs, emergency measures in Singapore, non-compliance in France, and worries about other strollers in Kansas City. Runnin’ Scared advises you fit out a shopping cart with pillows until this whole thing blows over.