New York Still Gets Most Gay Visitors


We’ve had some high-profile hate crimes, and our dumbass state government still can’t pass a gay marriage bill, but in Community Marketing, Inc‘s latest Gay & Lesbian Tourism Survey rankings, New York is still the most popular destination for U.S. LGBT travelers. 32 percent of the 4,726 American survey respondents visited us for business or pleasure in the past year, versus 27 percent for San Francisco and 26 percent for Vegas (!), which is also the top destination for lesbians (looks like the ads are paying off). Provincetown got only 9 percent, a point ahead of gay mecca Baltimore.

The findings are “remarkably consistent from past years,” says CMI. Total gay travel is down a little across the board, but less so in the top cities; Washington, D.C. actually saw a big jump, though maybe some of those visitors came for unusual reasons.

New York is not #1 in gay business travel, however: that honor goes to Chicago.