Humanists Seek to Cheer Unbelievers at the Holidays


You may recall the Big Apple Coalition of Reason “Good without God” subway ads, which suggested that one needn’t have a deity to be an OK human being. Now a likeminded group is about to present New York with Chirstm — er, holiday ads for unbelievers.

The American Humanist Association is rolling out holiday-themed transit ads in time for the solstice in five Sodoms, including ours. New York should have them by early December, AHA’s Roy Speckhardt tells us.

As you can see, the little Santa hats suggest that the winter carnival can also be fun for what AHA calls “the ‘nones:’ the rapidly growing percentage of people who claim no religion.”

“It’s a time of year when both the folks who are religious as well as secular are taking time off and spending time with their families,” says Speckhardt. “It’s chance to get out our message in a very upbeat way, almost lightearted, and add some holiday cheer to it.”

AHA also hopes secular sorts who approve of the message might be motivated to get involved with their group, which seeks to be the “clear, democratic voice for Humanism in the United States.” (Humanism, as they see it, is “nontheistic. By this, we don’t mean to say that there is no God. Instead, we say that there is no proof for the existence of God, any gods, the supernatural or an afterlife.”)

They and their colleagues also lobby against religious discrimination, and for other causes. AHA has worked in the past with the Coalition of Reason folks who cooked up the “Good without God” campaign (they’re “under our wing,” says Speckhardt) but the holiday ads are AHA’s own.

We stopped being religious in part in order to get away from this kind of public holiday cheer, but if you’ve been feeling left out of the reindeer games on account of religious unaffiliation, this might brighten your ride. Alternately, you could hang out with this guy.