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Monserrate Report Details Leaked; Not Good, But No Sign of Sanctions Yet


That state senate committee that has been investigating convicted girlfriend-slasher and colleague Hiram Monserrate has drafted a report. It’s confidential, but the Times gets some leakage.

The report-on-report suggests that the senators fault Monserrate for ass-covering behavior in the wake of the incident — including driving Karla Giraldo, post-slashing, all the way to Nassau County for medical treatment, rather than to a closer hospital in his own district. But the Times finds no evidence of sanctions, though these may turn up in the final version.

NBC says the senators haven’t decided yet on whether to censure, eject, or just give noogies to the disgraced member, though they seem to have held their last hearing on the matter. Monserrate, despite previous statements of cooperation, “declined” to appear before the committee, says senator Eric Schneiderman.

There is no indication that the peculiar appearance of majority leader Malcolm Smith’s chief aide at the station house when Monserrate was booked is mentioned in the report. (The aide, Mortimer Lawrence, is a former Queens assistant D.A.)

NY1 gets a similar impression to the Times‘ from an “internal memo.”



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