Crime Beat: Anti-Gay Drag King Hiram Monserrate Gets Probation for Assaulting Girlfriend




It was like pulling hair to try to get state senator Hiram Monserrate to support gay marriage, and he seemed to be on the verge, but in the end the Democrat backed out, helping to kill the measure.

The dude’s oblivious to hair-pulling but he doesn’t mind when he’s doing the pulling. This pillar of virtue, as my colleague Steven Thrasher dubbed him, yanked his girlfriend around by her hair during a fight as if he were a real man. Go to the videotape to see the drag king in action.

Now he gets off with only probation for assaulting his girlfriend. The sentence for Mr. Family Values also includes community service. The judge didn’t order Monserrate to work off his hours manning a gay-teen counseling hotline.

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