Inside The Downtown Celebrity Known As Acid Betty


Acid Betty–“the fiercest hybrid drag queen in New York”–is unmistakable for her big hair, bigger outfits, and large presence as she takes the stage of every queeny event in town.

I recently sat her down to say “hi” to the hybrid, and here’s what I learned:

Me: How was Acid Betty born?

Acid Betty: In the clubs of New York City! My best friend at the time was a hairstylist, and we wanted to go out dressed up like freaks. It was a weekly challenge to try and make bigger hair, stranger makeup and more absurd outfits. But it was when people stopped believing my name was the same as my boy name, that’s when Acid Betty stepped in and took over.

Me: Do you have a favorite outfit of all your many incredible looks?

Acid Betty: I’ve teamed up with a good friend of mine and have been producing fashion and accessories for the past year under the name Alexander Pope. Every time we create a new piece it becomes my all time favorite. A good garment to me is comfortable, fits perfectly, a one of a kind… and of course it must take up the entire back of a cab!

Me: Do you sometimes feel it’s not worth all the effort?

Acid Betty: There are always multiple moments when it feels like it’s not worth the effort, the time, or the money. Like when I’m in one of the most social places, a nightclub, and half of the room is ignoring the other half, and i’m stuck in the middle of it.

Me: Been there! Any interesting celebrity encounters?

Acid Betty: My first as Acid Betty was meeting John Hurt dressed as Quentin Crisp on the set of the film An Englishman in New York. I had the honor to play the first drag queen that Quentin sees when he moves to New York. So I felt I was meeting and starring in a movie with the famous Quentin Crisp as well as the scientist who discovered Hellboy, a movie I love, among other famous movies he has starred in.

Me: To me, he’ll always be Hazel the rabbit in Watership Down. What’s in the future for Acid Betty?

Acid Betty: The future for me is to take over the world with all the projects I am involved with, especially with Alexander Pope. I feel the need to stand up and continue to fight against the homogenization and droning of a culture I’m still trying to learn about and thrive in: the Gay Culture. Then take that to the rest of the world and make them digest it like the good Ga Ga Goo Goo culture that is America. Ha Ha!

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