Jayson Williams Still Bawling: Maniac Killer Ex-Basketball Player’s Ex-Wife’s House Is Burgled


Killer athlete Jayson Williams is finally getting a morsel of sympathy: His South Carolina estate (now owned by his ex-wife) was broken into. She was robbed, the Post says, of “more than $150,000 in sports memorabilia, electronics and jewelry.”

Oops, there goes the sympathy. The gabby killer, who used to have a New Jersey estate, still had that much loot and was able to pass it on to his ex-wife, even after reaching a settlement with the chauffeur’s family? Not to mention that he still hasn’t served any time for blowing away the hapless guy with a shotgun for absolutely no reason.

Bad lead in the Post story: “Trouble always seems to find Jayson Williams.” Usually that’s a good, though trite, angle in stories about trouble-plagued athletes. But 99 percent of the time the 6-10 athlete — another dangerous jock with a gun, along with Gilbert Arenas (he killed his chauffeur and has run wild through the New York streets since then) — has brought the plagues upon himself. This one, he probably didn’t have a hand in.

Among the missing items were an autographed pair of Tiger Woods’s shoes. No sex tapes of Tiger Woods are believed to have been stolen.

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