About This Fantastic New Japandroids Single, “Art Czars”


This one here: [audio-1] It’d be tempting to chalk this up to the inevitable post Post-Nothing leap from sounding like Drive Like Jehu to sounding like Hot Snakes, but “Art Czars” was apparently recorded during the actual Post-Nothing sessions, as were the four other singles the band plans to release on Polyvinyl this year. Each 7″ will be limited to 2000 copies, with a cover on the B-side. “Art Czars,” due out in April, sports Big Black’s hatefuck of a song, “Racer X,” on the flip. The duo are on a long tour right now that next lands them in New York (at the Bowery, with Best Coast) on April Fool’s Day, which seems suitable somehow, though they tend to opt for puns over pranks. Although is making a song called “Art Czars” about selling out a pun or just kind of witty? Unclear.

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