Todd P on His MtyMx Festival in Monterrey: “We Want to Prove That We Can Do Something Hard”


Think MtyMx, the polyglot, three-day, late March music festival Todd Patrick has planned for Monterrey, Mexico, is for you, Brooklyn Hipster? Think again. “We’re not banking on a huge amount of, let’s say, gringos, crossing the border,” Patrick told WNYU on Monday. “It’s a festival in Mexico, and it’s for Mexicans.” And though he’s been coy about it, MtyMx is indeed SXSW counter-programming–the festivals, which will take place on opposite sides of the border, share the weekend of March 20-21. “I kind of got wind that South by Southwest was planning devious things to stymie us this year. And so I decided why give them the pleasure of that, and instead started thinking about something better,” he told the radio station. “The South By people routinely, let’s just say, inform the authorities in Austin about things that they think are of dubious legality.”

No surprise, but it does give MtyMx kind of a satisfying moral edge, even beyond the fest’s DIY roots and inclusive ethos. Said Patrick:

One of the things I’m excited about, in this fest, is it gives me an opportunity to prove that DIY doesn’t equal half-assed. We want to prove that we can do something hard. And I’m fully aware that any flaws, any errors, any delays, any hitches of any sort, are going to be, you know, trumpeted around the world as a failure and blah blah blah. But that’s fine, to me I’m up for the challenge. I’m going to do everything I can to make this work smoothly, and you know, ultimately I think this will prove to be a bigger undertaking, but also a more satisfying one than what commercial indie rock offers to the world.

It’s as big a test as a non-professionalized group of young promoters have taken on in a while–dunno if we’re really in Woodstock territory yet, but if you think about it, what else compares? Maybe the early days of the now thoroughly professionalized and corporatized CMJ and SXSW, places that now do their best to box out Todd P’s events. It’s a worthwhile interview–also mentioned are plans to make MtyMx an annual affair, and the comparative safety of Monterrey. Those south of the border gunfights you see in the movies? “These are high level goons killing one another in their own hideaways,” he says. “As a dirtbag indie rocker kid crossing the border, you’re not going to stand out from all of the like, frat boys crossing to buy pills and get drunk underage.”

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 24, 2010

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