Basically Like Half of Queens Rounded Up in Bust of Ridiculously Named Inefficient SuperGang Called “Flocc”


Okay, so not half of Queens, but I mean, still, 100 people?

Over 100. 104, to be exact. Via the New York Post, in Queens, there’s apparently some gang that’s not just a gang, but a SuperGang. See: “A rare alliance consisting of Crips and Bloods members.”

They were called “Flocc.” Whatever that means. And what kind of shenanigans did these Flocc kids pull to irk the powers that be so much?

Through police wiretaps, cops said they learned that Keith Livingston, a member of the Bloods, had planned to shoot officers performing foot patrol from a rooftop in Jamaica, authorities said. Livingston was charged with criminal possession of weapons last year after police allegedly seized a bag containing a 9mm handgun, a defaced 9mm hi-point rifle and various amounts of ammunition belonging to him. “The nexus between drugs and violence could not be clearer with at least two murders, 11 shootings and a home-invasion robbery linked to these ruthless narcotics traffickers,” Kelly said.

Not. Cool. Apparently, the mission to bust the gang — awesomely titled “Operation: Under Siege” — went on for two years. And what did these Flocc kids get out of it?

Making $15,000 a week from peddling guns and narcotics, police said.

$15K a week? That’s $780,000 a year, give or take. Evenly split among 104 people, that’s about $7,500 a year for each member. What about their overhead? And vacation pay? And benefits?

Jesus, crime really doesn’t pay. Unless you’re a dumbass who thinks $7,500 a year is enough to risk getting busted in one of the largest gang roundups in recently history. Also, for the record, The Barksdale Clan would laugh you out of Baltimore like the brokeass scrubs you are.