Checking in on the Shiny Glory of Bloomberg BusinessWeek: The Top Whatever of Whatever!


So, a few weeks back, the new and supposedly improved BusinessWeek – which is now Bloomberg BuisnessWeek – launched, under kinda-new management, with a new and improved and much-ballyhooed new design! So what’s happening over there?

Lots of wonderful things, actually. Of course, the normal business journalism and whatnot, but lots of How The Other Half Live material that’s quite great. For example:

Top Ten Lists of Colleges SuperMegaRich People Went To!

Top Ten Lists of The Most Expensive Summer Homes!

Top 50 Lists of Uglyass Cars!

And my personal favorite, A Gallery of Sexyass Bathrooms!

In completely sincerity, I can note that Bloomberg BusinessWeek is making financial journalism fun again. Please, now, excuse me while I go read about how fucking money Iced Coffee is. This magazine is awesome.