Japanese Entrepreneur Takes on Sisyphean Task of Getting Americans to Eat Natto


Although we have something of an admiration for it, natto — the fermented black soy beans eaten widely in Japan — is definitely an acquired taste. With a texture typically likened to mucus or snot and an odor that is, well, distinctive, natto isn’t quite as easy a sell as, say, fried chicken or bacon peanut brittle.

But as The Wall Street Journal reports, one Japanese entrepreneur is determined to find a market for it in the U.S., both by advertising it as a health food and mixing it with mayonnaise and olive oil and spreading it on bagels and tortillas. As appetizing as that sounds, it’s apparently been slow going. But then, Americans have historically been slow to embrace most soy products, and look at where soy milk, tofu, and edamame are now.

[Via the Food Section]