“Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant,” the Ninjasonik Vinyl-Sleeve Art Show, Opens June 3


It’s a Tracy Morgan phrase turned Bushwick cops-are-coming party-mantra, and now Ninjasonik’s nightly promise that “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant” is the centerpiece of a Brooklyn art show. Last winter, the heavy-lidded King Cobra-rap trio, with the help of all-around creative guy Nick Chatfield-Taylor, sent out more than 60 copies of Ninjasonik’s 12-inch vinyl single “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant” to friends, artists, and collaborators. The request was simple enough: do whatever you want with the white sleeve.

The results have returned, many via Chatfield-Taylor’s personal courier services, and will be displayed at the Front Street Galleries from June 3 through 25. The contributors list reads partly like a Bikes in the Kitchen guest list (Tod Seelie, Cinders Gallery’s Sto, Japanther’s Ian Vanek, Sleep When Dead’s Joe Ahern, Woods’ G. Lucas Crane, even our very own photo-assassin Rebecca Smeyne) and partly like a Brooklyn street art category menu (Faro, Swoon, Leon Reid Ivth, Ellis Gallagher, Tony Bones, Claw Money). And though the press release pledges a range of materials (“Sharpies and brushes, sewn with needles, covered in popsicle sticks and neon and Mardi Gras beads”), somebody must’ve thought to draw Tracy Morgan’s face on a baby’s head, right?

Full contributors’ list
Victor Vazquez
Matt Furie
Alani Cruz
Maggie Lee
Ben Robey
Matt Hock
BJ Warshaw
Dustin Pilkington
Ian Helwig
Sam Friedman
Fumie Ishii
Tod Seelie
Matthew Jensen
Chrissy Angliker
Travis Moonschein
Jordan Fish
Griffin Creech
Asa Kawano
Alexander Heir
Maxim Ryazanksy
Rebecca Smeyne
Jennifer Shear
Josh Webman
Jacob Septimus
Rachelle Mintz
Maggie Simpson
A.P. Smith
Soren Roi
Dan Morris
Greg Henderson
Jason Faro
Matt Reilly
Ben Wolf
Conrad Carlson
Nick Kuszyk
Ian Vanek
Ryan Doyle
Leon Reid IVth
Scott Meyers
Ellis Gallagher
Andrew H. Shirley
Rich Samis
Jay Crider
OZE 108
J. Rattlesnake
Tony Bones
Brock Fetch
Darryl Nau
Kristin Reger
John Dessereau
CLAW Money
Evie Falci
Nick Chatfield-Taylor
G. Lucas Crane
Joe Ahearn