Dickchicken Goes Luxe on the Bowery


A friend of Runnin’ Scared spotted this new Keith Haring-esque Dickchicken on Bowery, a street that E.V. Grieve points out is so changed (and changing) as to resemble almost nothing of its former self — not to mention, quite possibly doomed.

So, is this a fancy new Dickchicken to correspond with the new “upwards of $20,000” apartments at 2 Cooper Square? And should we have expected nothing less, what with Shepard Fairey, the New Museum, and the Cooper Square Hotel’s new tiki fence (for shutting out non VIPs?)

Or maybe it’s this Dickchicken, spotted by FashionIndie, that’s most appropriate to the Bowery’s new persona?

When tags go Ralph Lauren, something is wrong. At least it’s not Swarovski crystals, we suppose. Yet.