Video: Attempted “Icing” of Gawker Media’s Nick Denton Yields Extraordinary Awkwardness


If you don’t know what Bros Icing Bros is, well, the short version is that it’s a drinking game involving “Bros” and Smirnoff Ice. Neither of which I’m willing to venture that Gawker Media publisher Nick Denton has ever had any kind of significant encounter with. Until now.

Yeah: blogger Nick Rizzo tried to “Ice” Nick Denton. Maybe he was inspired by the revelation that young Facebook billionaire (and perpetual Gawker posting fodder machine) Mark Zuckerberg recently “Iced” an employee. Or maybe….honestly, I have no idea. This is so awkward, and slightly motion-sickness inducing:

Rizzo — who now brings a fascinating new dimension to the words “Gawker Stalker” — notes of the experience:

I hung around outside of Gawker headquarters for far too long (part of two days!) and eventually succeeded in spotting Gawker proprietor Nick Denton. I tried to ice him, but he apparently didn’t know about icing. (Read your sites, Nick!) Like any proper manager, he tried to pawn it off on two of his associates, so eventually his squinty reserve got to me, and I found myself icing… myself. Apologies for the shaky camera work, I was fairly frightened of the dude and am always a crap cinematographer.

Gawker alumni weighed in! Former Defamer editor (currently of VH1) Mark Graham: “I don’t know who this Nick Rizzo character is, but I feel embarrassed for him. Why is he so nervous? It’s just Denton! C’mon, man, pull yourself together.” Truth! Former Gawker editor (currently of BlackBook) Chris Mohney: “If every stalkerazzi is as susceptible as Nick Rizzo into voluntarily falling on his own grenade, then Nick has nothing to worry about.” Former Gawker writer (recently of the New York Post) Sheila McClear: “This video: awesome in its awkwardness from both parties; I can relate. It is also a metaphor?”

I think at one point Denton offers someone to be “part of a viral campaign” when he tries to pass off the drink to a nearby co-worker (for the record: Bros Icing Bros is not a viral campaign, but this shit just went from out-of-control to just too much). The shaky camerawork is also a bit unnerving, but it’s an otherwise trench-side look into what goes into being “Iced,” I suppose! Also, apparently Rizzo is owed some kind of freelance money from Gawker, because he says something about it to Denton while this is all happening, but having experience in these matters, this blogger can note that there are far better people to invoice incorrectly at that company. Polite golf clap for the moxie, a big FAIL for the execution, and a giant facepalm for the sum total of this experience.