Is Michael ‘Bao’ Huynh Shuttering D.O.B. 111 and Bia Garden?


Michael “Bao” Huynh always seems to have big plans. The latest, according to a tipster, is that he’s closing down three poorly performing restaurants in order to focus on a new venture in Oakland.

D.O.B. 111, Bia Garden, and a third, undisclosed restaurant will allegedly close their doors, said the tipster, who pointed us toward a real estate listing of the spaces (that has since mysteriously disappeared), as Huynh turns his attentions to his new project in Jack London Square. Earlier this year, Community Board 3 rejected D.O.B. 111’s application for a liquor license, citing “insufficient community outreach.”

Huynh denies any plans to shutter either restaurant, saying that the spaces may have been listed simply to test the real estate waters. In fact, he said via his publicist, he’s working on a new menu at D.O.B. 111 and may be adding Baoguette sandwiches in the front area of Bia. Still, we won’t be surprised if the Bao empire ends up shrinking, if only a little and only in this town. All bubbles must burst, right?