Media-Running Jews to Join Islamic Terrorist Victory Mosque at Ground Zero


On the same day that the fascists on the Landmarks Preservation Committee voted down landmark status to a building two blocks from Ground Zero that’s gonna become a mosque/end-zone touchdown dance for the world’s Muslim population, what happens? Well as it turns out, news broke that Conde Nast — a magazine company full of Jews Who Run The Media (I can smell my own kind, with my horns) — is on their way to a skyscraper at Ground Zero from Times Square. This might sate known-racist Abe “Not All Discrimination Is Equal” Foxman for a bit, until he realizes what we already know: That the MEDIA JEWS and the OIL ARABS are teaming up to take over the most boring, tourist-y neighborhood in New York, in the process, destroying nothing and hurting nobody. Conspiracy mongers, now’s your time to shine.