The Waldorf-Astoria Has a Dress Code!


The other day, I dropped by my beloved Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on 50th and Park, only to find its glory has been so drabbed down that the world-famous Oscar’s restaurant is only open for breakfast on weekdays and breakfast and lunch on weekends.

But the historic hotel is standing tall in its attempt to stay proper and glorious.

They have freakin’ rules for what you can wear! Even in the effin’ lobby!

As you enter, there’s an imposing sign saying that after 6 p.m., there’s an “established dress code for all public areas.”

(I initially misread that as “all pubic areas,” but then I looked again.)

The rules:

“For men, collared shirt and slacks. Jackets are optional.

“For women, either slacks, a skirt, or a dress are very appropriate.”

Fortunately, I was wearing a lovely floral-print skirt, so I was fine — but all I could do was swirl glamorously around the lobby for hours, since Oscar’s wasn’t open for dinner!