Woman Attempts to Dupe Airport Security by Hiding Tiger Cub in Bag of Stuffed Tigers


Earlier this week, we informed you that one out of four grown, adult men travel with their favorite widdle stuffed bear or doggie on business trips. We don’t think, however, that this was what was intended by that study. A Thai woman at Bangkok airport headed for Iran was just busted for attempting to hide a two-month-old tiger cub among stuffed toy tigers in her luggage. Which is both genius — imagine the inception of this scheme — and awful.

Or not even that genius, because it didn’t work. A sedated baby tiger is apparently like a sack of potatoes! The woman struggled with her bag, to the suspicions of airport security, who were further skeptical when the luggage went through the X-ray, revealing one of those things to be not like the others. As much as baby animals resemble stuffed toys, they are still alive, apparently. Toy-making is not that sophisticated, yet.

We didn’t think this had to be said, but apparently it does. Don’t try to smuggle baby tigers. You can cuddle the stuffed ones all you want. But leave the live ones alone.

Fortunately, the story ends happily: The tiger is being cared for at the rescue center of the department of national parks, wildlife, and plant conservation, according to the BBC.