The Five Worst Rick Sanchez Moments (Video)


Rick Sanchez probably just deep-sixed his career this morning on the radio. This has been a long time coming, because Rick Sanchez is a terribly unlikeable news anchor, something he has proven time and time again. Rick Sanchez is so unlikable, he even makes completely sensible people go, “Hmm, Glenn Beck might actually be correct about this one.”

Want to see how?

Rick Sanchez vs. Foreshadowing: This isn’t a particularly bad Rick Sanchez moment, because it’s really no fault of his own, but the Twitter-happy anchor was on the air with Wolf Blitzer when a live-crawl of Twitter messages (bad idea to begin with) yielded a fun one that would later (as in, today) provide interesting context to Sanchez’s arc at CNN:


Rick Sanchez vs. The Metric System: In an attempt to scare up the public about the potential of a tsunami swallowing up all of Hawaii (which, naturally, never happened) in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti, Sanchez wants to know “in English” what these crazy metric system numbers mean, assaulting an unsuspecting guest scientist on his show in the process:


Rick Sanchez vs. The Cotton’ Pickin’ President of the United States: “What kind of planet are we living on, what the hell is going on here?” Sanchez asks while characterizing the nature of President Barack Obama to not dignify and use the “pulpit” of his office to take down detractors. Sanchez later apologized, noting that he grew up in the south, and it’s a term used in frustration in that reigion of the country (by who, the Duke Brothers?) and also managed to sound like an asshole doing that.


Rick Sanchez vs. The Unlikely Volcano of Iceland: Remember that time in April an Icelandic volcano erupted, leaving volcanic ash all over the atmosphere, smack in the middle of the flight path of thousands of flights, stranding passengers all over the world? Rick Sanchez could not. Believe. This shit. Iceland — Ice + Land — is obviously too cold to have a “cotton picking” volcano! Or so thought Sanchez before everyone called him an idiot, to which he responded the way all idiots do when they get something wrong and want to cover: (A) that it was a joke and (B) that he’s basically an action hero, haters.


Rick Sanchez vs. Boring News: “It really does look like Speed,” Rick Sanchez says to his assistant as they try to “set the hook well enough to make Americans, our viewers, care” on a hostage crisis in the Philippines. What Sanchez says is noble — that what the anchors have to say is less important than whatever story they’re telling themselves — but by making a TMZ-like video and himself and his crew preparing it, and saying that this story isn’t about him, Sanchez puts his now trademark display of sheer oblivion front and center. As Gawker’s Jim Newell noted, “Good hunch, Rick. Eight people dying in a hail of gunfire is not about you.”

Honorable Mentions: Rick Sanchez vs. Joe The Plumber, Rick Sanchez vs. Dirty Bomber Underwear


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