In Asian Food Truck News: Korilla to Peddle Korean BBQ, Malaysian Food Truck to Promote Malaysian Food


Korean tacos have been something of a Holy Grail of food-truck grub since the whole Kogi-coming-to-New York brouhaha of 2009. The new Korilla BBQ Truck might be just the thing to make us forget all about that mess. Thrillist is reporting that Korilla will serve bulgogi, spicy chicken thighs, and pulled pork stuffed into flour burritos and tacos from Queens-based La Mixteca, as well as homemade kimchi, Korean sausage, and Korilla Perilla “pizzas.”

In other mobile Asian food news, the Malaysia Kitchen Food Truck will hit the streets of Manhattan and Queens October 11 through November 19, offering free samples from local Malaysian restaurants, as part of Malaysian Kitchen for the World, an initiative by the country’s trade ministry to promote Malaysian food and culture worldwide.

The truck, which will feature dishes from Cafe Asean, Penang, Nyonya, and Fatty Crab, will be parked in various locations throughout the month. Find out where by following @malaysiakitchn on the Twitter.


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